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Ultimate R&D jobs of HGD/HGS


On 25th.Feb. 2013, Hotlink team got a new assignment from American market leader: Develop brand new speficiation of HGD 3/16(Hotlink Guystrand Deadend) HAS 3/16( Hotlink Guystrand Splice),

HGD 3/16(Hotlink Guystrand Deadend)     HAS 3/16( Hotlink Guystrand Splice) 

Without physical samples, technical drawings and other necessary informations, and testing strand and their full trust to Hotlink based on years of cooperatoins. The requirement is pretty simple: it must perform better than any exist nominated STRANDVISE and STRANDLINK nominated on other websites.

HAS 3/16( Hotlink Guystrand Splice)


HGD 3/16(Hotlink Guystrand Deadend)  

If Hotlink team can beat this likely mission impossible within 3 months?

Without any hesitation and delay, Hotlink engineering team take this job and figured out whole set of product drawings within two weeks, and get approval in early Mar. The second key step, seperate tooling drawings for each components are at hand after only two weeks and tooling development was kicked off at 28th.Mar.

By the end of April, first trial of Jaw tooling was taken 4 days with engineering day and night hard jobs, with times of careful study and revisements to make it close to perfect. On 20th. May, as scheduled, the climax of whole process come on the stage: second trial of Jaws with all other concerned components was conducted and key parameters tension loading testing turn out to be better than standard (rate KN) and even our own expectations! Let's salute Hotlink professional team for the upmost jobs in whole 
automatic strand linkers world.

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