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Why are we making the Automatic Splice?


On 2010, after a full and thorough marketing survey, Horizon Holding Group Ltd decided to extend their business into Steel Wire Connector Manufacturing. Consequently, Hotlink Hardware was founded starting with the products of QuickVise / QuickLink. Even there have been some well-known the brands, such as WireVise / WireLink, existing in the market, we believe with the Engineering / Manufacturing capabilities of Hotlink Group, with the labor and material resources of the mainland China, we should be able to provide a better or at least another reasonable option to our clients.
One year later, we started the cooperation with Thomas & Betts, a global electrical solution company with developing the Automatic Splice / Deadend for ACSR / AAAC Aluminum Conductors. Then we succeeded in the Automatic Splice / Deadend for ACSR #2 and #4 conductors. The finalized design were qualified and tested by Tomas & Betts per ANSI C119 - 4.

One thing needs to be highlighted here is Hotlink completed the product development independently and owns the whole design. For example, the performance of the liquid wax being used inside of the Splice / Deadend is critical to the electrical and mechanical connection. And most of our competitors are using the wax made by certain chemical companies. To achieve a better and reliable performance, Hotlink was cooperating with the Chemical School of SCUT and developed our own wax with better inoxidizability and lubricity.

After completed the Automatic Splice / Deadend for ACSR / AAAC #2 and #4 conductors, Hotlink did not stop, but continued extending the product line into bigger wire range. And that’s how the Hotlink product Lines come to.

Nowadays, Hotlink group is still open for all the inputs of the marketing demands from each region.

Your needs, our direction. 

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